Hemkund Tour Package

The Hemkund tour package covers three main places of pilgrim interest. The first place in the travel itinerary will be the Haridwar. The second place of pilgrim interest would be the Govindghat and the final place covering the divine trip would be a visit to Ghangharia.

A brief gist on each of the above, before we cover places of sightseeing in and around the vicinity

Haridwar city
The Haridwar is an ancient city belonging to the Haridwar district in Uttarakhand, India. According to the Hindu mythology, Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places. In other words, a cluster of seven holy places that one must visit is known as ‘Sapta Puri’. The river Ganges which starts off, from the Gangotri glacier reaches the Indo-Gangetic plains in Northern India via Haridwar city.

Places of tourist interest surrounding the Haridwar city

Chandi Devi Temple
You can visit this ancient temple which was built during the year 1929. The temple is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Chandi, who sits on top of ‘Neel Parvat’ on the eastern banks of river Ganges.

Maya Devi temple
This particular temple was built during the 11th Century in honor of Maya Devi or Adhishthatri Devi (Patron Goddess) of Haridwar. According to Hindu mythology, it was in this temple where the heart and navel of Goddess Sati had fallen.

Mansa Devi temple
Mansa Devi temple is dedicated to the worship of Mansa Devi (Goddess who fulfills desire). Mansa Devi temple is situated on the top of Bilwa Parwat. This particular temple is a famous tourist destination mainly because of its fleet of cable cars. You can have a picturesque view of the city of Haridwar. The Hemkund pilgrim tour package will definitely make your holiday, a fulfilling one.

Bhimgoda tank
This tank is exactly situated at a distance of 1 km from Har ki puri alias Haridwar. It was believed that Pandavas while travelling to Himalayas via Haridwar drew water from this particular tank. Bhim thrust his knee into the rocks and out came the gush of water.
We will cover Govind Ghat and Ghangreya, while explaining the sightseeing itinerary.

Hemkund Pilgrim Tour Package - 4 Night 5 Days - Travel Itinerary

Places Covered - Delhi- Haridwar- Govind Ghat- Ghangaria- Delhi (Return)

Day 1: Departure from New Delhi Terminus up until Haridwar city

Our Hemkund tour operator picks you up in a luxurious Volvo semi-sleeper. Breakfast will be served on the way. And we travel all the way from New Delhi city to reach the beautiful city of Haridwar. The total distance from Delhi to Haridwar is 209 km by road and it takes around 7-8 hours for the bus to reach the pilgrim city. Lunch will be provided on the way. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 2: Sightseeing at Haridwar


Breakfast is served the moment you board the Hemkund travel coach.

Hemkund holiday package is a trip worth remembering. Bhimgoda tank is the first place we would be visiting in Haridwar. This tank is hardly a km away from Har ki Puri. The next tourist spot will be the Chandi temple, which is 4 km away from Har ki Puri. Refreshments or snacks will be provided post the visit. The third spot is the Mansa Devi temple. It is approximately 10 km from Har Ki Puri and you have two shrines forming the temple. One shrine has the Goddess with 3 mouths and five arms. The other shrine has the idol of the Goddess with 8 arms.

We will then cover Maya Devi Temple. Lunch will be served on the way. The travel coach stops at 4 pm near a shopping mall, where you can buy items of religious sanctity like statues of gods and goddesses, musical CD’s, inexpensive ornaments, jackets, stoles and garments. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 3: Sightseeing at Govind Ghat

Breakfast is served the moment you board the Hemkund travel coach.

Govind ghat is situated at a distance of 295 km from the holy city of Haridwar. It takes 8.5 hours for the Volvo bus to reach the destination via NH7 (National Highway 7). Govind Ghat is an excellent tourist destination located across the confluence of River Alakananda and Lakshman Ganga. Govindghat is 6000 meters above the sea-level and is located on the Western end of the Himalayas. We will be covering three main tourist attractions as a part of Govindghat Sightseeing.

These are
Badrinath Temple
Badrinath temple is situated at a distance of 40 km from Govindghat. It is a magnificent temple dedicated to the worship of Badrinath i.e. Lord Vishnu.

Mana Village
You find a waterfall namely the Vasudhara falls and it is around 400 feet. Nature lovers find Hemkund holiday package a mesmerizing one. The Mana village is hardly a 5 km trek from Govindghat. Lunch will then be served.

Bheema Pul
This is a spot where Bhim (one of the 5 Pandavas in epic Mahabharatha) constructed a bridge for Draupadi to cross the banks of the river on her way to Swargarohini, i.e. a way to Heaven). The spot is located at a distance of 15 km from Govindghat. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.

Day 4: Sightseeing at Ghangharia

ghangariaBreakfast is served the moment you board the Hemkund travel coach.
Ghangharia is a lovely hamlet situated in the Govind Ghat zone. The scenic meadow is hardly situated at a distance of 13 km from Govindghat. The meadow is a home to more than 7000 unique varieties of flowers. The floral attraction gives another name to Ghangharia which is ‘Valley of Flowers’. You can spend the entire day, looking at the blooming flowers. Endangered varieties of fauna like Asiatic Black bear and Himalayan Reindeer are also found in the vicinity. Lunch is served on the way. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 5: Drop from Hotel to Delhi airport

Breakfast is served the moment you get into the Volvo bus. We cover a 300 km distance from Govindghat, for you to reach the Delhi airport. This brings us to the end of the blissful Hemkund travel package.



• 3 Star Hotel
• Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• Transportation


• All adults are requested to carry 2 photo copy of any Photo ID proof (Except Pan Card) along with them.

• Medical support will be provided to the guests all through the trip whenever needed.

Cherries on the Top!

• Tea/coffee at every stop on the way while travelling.
• Frooti and snacks on arrival to hotels.
• Refreshments after adventure sports.
• Softy/ Cold drink during leisurely walks.
• Occasional Chips and candies to kids.
• 1 Litre Packaged drinking water per day per guest.