Sikkim Holiday Tour Packages

Sikkim is a beautiful state tucked in the North Eastern India. The tourist state is tucked on the magical lap of the Himalayas, bordered by Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Although Sikkim is the second smallest state in the country, its pristine and charismatic charm would take tourists over cloud 9.

Sikkim is aptly described as the North Eastern corridor of India and the enchanting beauty of the state can leave you spellbound. Presenting you with some of the mind blowing places you can visit, once you arrive at the Sikkim Bagdogra airport. Here we navigate you through one of the best Sikkim holiday tour packages, ever.

Gangtok is the capital city of the state of Sikkim. The picturesque city has an alluring charm and an aesthetic appeal, which you simply cannot miss out on. Gangtok is ideally tucked in the Eastern Himalayas and the city is definitely a kaleidoscopic attraction, both for local as well as international tourists. Lush green forests, adorable lakes, fresh orchards, wild flowers and snowy mountains add to the mesmerizing appeal, the city has to offer. Gangtok is the crust jewel of the Sikkim holiday tour package.

Yuksom is located in the Western part of Sikkim, where you enjoy adventurous treks or enthralling winch rides leading into the magical Kanchenjunga, the highest pinnacle point of the mighty Himalayas. The city is also the meeting point of three Lamas. This hamlet is also home to one of the oldest monastery in Sikkim. Our Sikkim holiday co-coordinators will plan up your holiday in a beautiful manner.

Tsomgo Lake
Tsomgo Lake is also known as the Changu Lake. Hardly 38 km from Sikkim’s capital, this lake lies at an altitude of 12,400 ft and is one of the highest lakes in India. This particular lake remains frozen during winters while in summers the lake lends a magical touch to viewers. During summers, the lake reflects its turquoise waters, to add to an attractive appeal.

Are you fond of watching the mighty Himalayan range? It is from this Sikkimese town, one can have a resplendent view of the Himalayas and Kanchenjunga. Added to the panoramic views, you can also view nature’s tranquil beauty, several waterfalls and breathtaking mountains to make your holidaying experience, the most blissful one. Pelling is situated at a height of 7,200 ft above the sea-level. For the adventure enthusiasts, you have trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and rafting in store. Pelling is one of the picture perfect destinations that make your Sikkim holiday package a fulfilling one.

Lachung is an astounding place in Sikkim you will simply fall in love with. Located at a mind-blowing altitude of 8,610 ft above the sea-level, this is the most beautiful snowy destination. This quiet mountain village also has the Lachung Chu River, to add to the splendor.

This particular locale is situated in the southern part of Sikkim. Ravangla is nestled between Maenam and Tendong hills. Ravangla is a scenic town located between Gangtok and Pelling. This is the most ideal trekking destination. Bird watching is quite a popular hobby in this bustling town as you get to view some of the rare and endangered species of birds, the world over. These are dark throated thrush, rave flycatchers, blue whistling thrush, babbles, cuckoos, etc. Bird lovers can make the best of their Sikkim tour package while they visit Ravangla.

In the Tibetan language, Namchi means the ‘top of the sky’. The pretty town has adorable and scenic waterfalls, to make your holidaying experience a fulfilling one. The beautiful Sikimese city is located at a distance of 92 km from Gangtok and is at a height of 1,675 meters above the sea-level. You can find a Sikkim monastery and a 108 ft Shiva temple at Namchi that is frequented by Hindu devotees across the world.

Jawaharlal Nehru botanical garden
Jawaharlal Nehru botanical garden is home to some of the rarest varieties of herbs, plants, trees and lovely orchards known for their high commercial as well as medicinal value. This botanical garden is in close proximity to the Rumtek monastery in Sikkim. The colorful ambience of the garden can excite kids, adults and elders making way for a lovely holiday.

Sikkim Holiday tour package - 12 Night 13 Days - Itinerary

Destinations Covered - Ex Bagdogra airport- Sikkim- Back to the airport

Day 1: Bagdogra airport to Gangtok (Capital City of Sikkim)

Our travel coordinators will pick you up from Bagdogra airport. The luxurious coach operated by the travel operator takes you on a mind blowing trip from Bagdogra airport up until Gangtok. It is 124 km and it takes approximately 2.5 hours to 3 hours to reach Gangtok from Bagdogra airport. Lunch will be served on the way. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 2: Sightseeing at Gangtok

gangtokThe first major attraction covering the city of Gangtok is Tsomgo Lake. Breakfast is served to all the guests, before you embark on a two hour journey from Gangtok city, to reach Tsomgo Lake. You find enchanting varieties of aquamarine life, surrounding the pristine lake. You have a Shiva temple near the vicinity. Before heading to the hotel for lunch, the coach stops near the city center shopping mall. You can take time to shop for exclusive varieties of stoles, jackets, bed spreads, ear studs and artifacts. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.



Day 3: Sightseeing at Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Breakfast will be served once our luxurious coach picks you up from the hotel. You can gear up to reach a nice picturesque tourist spot namely the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. This particular tourist spot is situated at a distance of 32 km from the city of Gangtok. The cascading waterfalls flow through seven stages and hence the waterfalls are ideally named as the ‘Seven Sisters Waterfalls’. Lunch will be served on the way and you are dropped at the hotel. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 4: Sightseeing at Yuksom

yuksomBreakfast is served within 10 minutes after you aboard our coach. You head towards Yuksom lake which is situated at a distance of 125 km from the city center, Gangtok. It takes approximately 4 hours and 12 minutes to reach the vicinity. You can take photographs as you would be witnessing the highest point of the Himalayas namely the Kanchenjunga. Lunch will be served on the way. And you will be taken to one of the oldest Tibetan monasteries of Sikkim. Overnight stay will be at the hotel. Yuksom can leave your Sikkim holiday tour, an unforgettable one.


Day 5: Sightseeing at Pelling

Breakfast is served the moment you alight our coach. We head towards Pelling, one of the best tourist attractions for holiday goers coming to Sikkim. This Sikkim holiday tour package is ideally meant to be the most memorable one. Pelling is a peaceful and an unruffled place and you can visit the place any time of the year except the monsoon season. Located at a height of 7,200 ft above the sea-level you can have a magnificent view of Kanchenjunga, the highest pinnacle point of the Himalayas.

You can indulge in mountain biking, rafting, paragliding and other forms of adventure sports. Lunch will be served on the way. You reach the hotel by 6 pm. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 6: Sightseeing at Lachung

lachungOur luxurious coach picks you up from the hotel. Breakfast is served on the way. Lachung is approximately 110 km away from the city gateway. And it takes around 3 hours to reach the place amid hair-pen bends. It is the snowy town of Sikkim. You can find snowy houses and miniature cottages adding to the architectural splendor.

You can enjoy a cool ride on a yak and bring home splendid memories. Lunch is served while you return. You are then dropped at the hotel. Overnight stay will be at the hotel. Our Sikkim holiday package is thus a never-ending one.


Day 7 and 8 Day: Local sightseeing at Gangtok like Hanuman tok and few other spots

Day 7 of the travel itinerary covers local hang out spots in the city of Gangtok. Breakfast will be served the moment you get into the coach. The first location we would be visiting would be the Rumtek monastery. Rumtek monastery is 25 km from the city of Gangtok. And you would reach the place in half an hour’s time. This is a beautiful monastery and is adorned with lavish architecture within the interiors. You have a lovely garden, to add to the bliss.

After the trip to Rumtek monastery, we head towards Hanuman tok. Hanuman tok is on the way to Nathula pass. Nathula pass is 30 km from Gangtok city. This is a spectacular temple built and is seen 7,200 ft above the sea-level. The temple was built and managed by the Indian Army. Lunch is served after the visit to the temple. The next tourist attraction forming the 7th day of the travel itinerary would be the Banjhakri waterfalls. You have beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the waterfalls which makes it a visual treat for tourists. It is 61 km from Nathula pass and will take 2 hours to reach the destination. After the view, you head back to the hotel.

Day 8 covers flower exhibition center. You have beautiful varieties of flowers and botanical plants which make the site, a pretty looking one. You head towards the Sikkim Institute of Tibetan technology and then you make it to the Tashi point, where you can have a lovely view of the sunset. You can also witness cascading clouds. You find that we blend rare and uninhabited places along with the commonly visited tourist attractions, forming a part of our Sikkim holiday tour package.


Day 9: Sightseeing at Ravangla

ravanglaRavangla is a picturesque tourist spot located at a distance of 69 km from Gangtok. The Volvo coach takes the Rangpo road and the Dorjee Kazi marg. Breakfast will be served at around half past nine, the moment you alight the coach. Nestled between Gangtok and Pelling, this scenic destination provides you with amazingly cool trekking zones. You can watch birds like babbles, cuckoos, thrushes, etc. Lunch will be served mid-afternoon and you head back to the hotel. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 10: Sightseeing at Namchi

Day 10 of the Sikkim travel tour package lets you explore a bustling city named Namchi. This city is spectacularly famous for chill and splendid waterfalls. You can find lovely landscape and gardens, to make the city an ideal scenic spot. Located at a distance of 80 km from the Gangtok city center, it takes 2.5 hours for you to reach the place. Breakfast will be served on the way. You can spend the entire day exploring the city of Namchi and you reach the hotel. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 11: Sightseeing at Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden

jawaharlal-nehru-botanical-gardenBreakfast will be served as soon as you board the Volvo coach at 10 am in the morning. At half past 10 we head towards the Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical garden. You can view stunningly pretty varieties of plants, herbs, flowers and orchards. The next tourist attraction in the travel itinerary will be the Himalayan zoological park which is at a distance of 101 km from Gangtok. It takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes, to reach the zoo. You can view rave varieties of pandas, snow leopards, rabbits, squirrels, birds and attractive flora surrounding the park. Lunch will be served at 3 pm in the afternoon. Overnight stay will be at the hotel.


Day 12: Sightseeing at Gurudongmar Lake

Breakfast will be served, the moment you get into the coach. As the lake is situated at a distance of 200 km, it takes around 6 hours to reach the destination. The lake is perched at a height of 17,800 ft above the sea-level and is one of the bountiful lakes in Sikkim. You can wet your feet while watching the birds sing. The aquamarine life and beautiful flora surrounding the lake can take you by a complete sweep. Lunch is served before you reach the lake. And you might reach the lake by 4 pm. Hope we have taken you through a virtual glimpse of the pretty looking places covering a part of the Sikkim travel tour package.


Day 13: Drop from hotel to Bagdogra airport

hotel-to-bagdogra-airportOur Sikkim holiday travel coach drops you off the airport to the hotel. And you carry those lovely moments covering part of the trip.


• 3 Star Hotel
• Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• Transportation


• All adults are requested to carry 2 photo copy of any Photo ID proof (Except Pan Card) along with them.

• Medical support will be provided to the guests all through the trip whenever needed.

Cherries on the Top!

• Tea/coffee at every stop on the way while travelling.
• Frooti and snacks on arrival to hotels.
• Refreshments after adventure sports.
• Softy/ Cold drink during leisurely walks.
• Occasional Chips and candies to kids.
• 1 Litre Packaged drinking water per day per guest.